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Sections & Classes

Competition Management System for Agricultural Shows

Show Sections

  • Manage agricultural show sections and sub sections with title, descriptions and images
  • Add and edit section text, animal regulations, entry criteria, section rules and important notices

Competition Classes

  • Add and edit class number, class title, description, section, category, sub category (if applicable) ring, start time, entry fee, entry conditions (one of the following three values: none - no conditions, no-pre-entry - entry available on day of show only, no-direct-entry - entry available only through other contests), levy, class criteria and competition rules, Extra Fields Number (If a class is for a pair of animals, or three animals, or more, you will want the extra fields for each animal, so enter 2 or 3 as appropriate here. For one animal, you can enter 1 or leave blank.) Qualifying Note - open text field. This will be included in the schedule of classes,  Footnotes - open text field. This will be included in the schedule of classes, Show Animal Tag Number (Yes or No) this indicates whether the animal tag number should be included in the show catalogue.
  • Set criteria for age range and/or date of birth of entrant
  • Set custom fields for class entries i.e. Beef: name, herd, tag number, sire, dam, gender, other. Horse: Set pre-entry and qualification rules.
  • Set qualifying class winners to enter Champion classes
  • Assign sponsors, judges and prizes
  • Search and filter classes by section, subsection, judge, sponsor