The Shows are back in town (and country)!

   Thu, 23rd Jun, 2022

With seven SuperShow powered agriculutral shows taking place this week alone, we are delighted to exclaim the shows are well and truly back in town (and/or countrysides)!

After two years of canceled shows and virtual events, our clients are thrilled to be welcoming back competitors, trade vendors, members, judges, and spectators to their action packed shows, on the ground!

Check out our events section to see all the SuperShow powered events coming up soon.

SuperShow clients use our leading Competition and Trade Stand Management Software for their Shows, Fairs and Field Days. 

Other favoured features include the membership management feature and live reporting, with the favourite being "the ability to manage everything on one central system".

SuperShow clients reap many benefits from this "one central system" including significant reductions in administration and processing times (think instant pdf reports), improved cash flow (thanks to instant payments), increases in competition entries and ticket sales (thanks to the promotion features), and more satisfied users (users can log in and review their entry at any time, and new members can process their renewals online). 

Dotser would like to wish all shows this year every deserved success and we look forward to receiving feedback and seeing all the action from your events.

Be sure to include the hashtag #supershow, and we'll promote your message.

Let's get these shows on the road with SuperShow - Event Management System.