Competition Management Software for Agricultural Shows

Show Sections, Categories & Divisions

  • Manage agricultural show sections and sub sections with title, descriptions and images
  • Add and edit section text, regulations, entry criteria, section rules and important notices
  • Edit content for event schedule & catalogue

Competition Classes

  • Add and edit class number, class title, description, section, category, sub category (if applicable), levy, class criteria and competition rules
  • Edit ring number, start time, entry fee, GPS location
  • Manage entry conditions (none - no conditions / no-pre-entry / entry available on day of show only / no-direct-entry / entry available by winning qualifying classes)
  • Multiple entry fields (If a class is for a pair of animals, or three animals, or more)
  • Edit Qualifying Notes (included in the schedule of classes, Footnotes, Show
  • Animal Tag Numbers
  • Set age range and/or date of birth of entrant
  • Set custom fields for class entries i.e.
    (name, herd , tag number, sire, dam, other.
    Horse: Set pre-entry and qualification rules.
  • Set qualifying class winners to enter Champion classes
  • Assign sponsors, judges and prizes
  • Search and filter classes by #, section, category, judge, sponsor

Show, Fair & Event Management Software