What used to take a month in pulling a Show Pack together, now takes just 2 minutes!

Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show have embraced the SuperShow Show Management System and are reaping the benefits.

The show, described as the “most spectacular August Bank Holiday day out” in the UK, saw the return of the public to their first live show since 2019.

Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show have reaped and enjoyed many benefits from using SuperShow to effectively and efficiently manage competitions, new trade stand applications, membership and their website, namely:

A significant reduction in administration time and processing work:
Thanks to the ability for thousands of entries to be processed easily. What used to take the team a month in pulling together their packing list, and making sure it was right, now takes just two minutes thanks to the reporting functionality, which pulls off a PDF report showing the entries, and any purchased items through the website.

Satisfied users:
Users could log in and review their entry at any time, and new members can process their renewals online, reducing the need for handling cash by both the team and applicant. The team can easily see and report on their live members data.

Improved cash flow from payment processing:
Cash flow improved significantly thanks to the safe processing of payments via online applications , and the live reporting allowed promotions to be managed more efficiently, and ultimately increased competition entries and ticket sales.

Other features favoured included:

Live reporting:
Heads of sections benefited from the accuracy and amount of data available in the live reporting area. And the fact that they could publish results and prizes there and then was a win for everyone.

Multiple entry field sets - Catered for all types of information required in individual classes.

The positive feedback from agricultural societies and show organisers in UK, Ireland and Australia has further encouraged more shows and events like Edenbridge & Oxted Agricultural Show to consider SuperShow as a tool to improve overall show management that brings membership, competitions, trade and website into one central cloud based solution.

View the live site - https://www.edenbridge-show.co.uk/