Effective competition management for your agricultural show, fair and events

Manage Competitors and Entrants

  • Cattle Name of Animal, National Tag No., Sire, Dam, Date of Birth, Herd No., Approved (Yes or No), Sex: male, female, *Transport Vehicle Reg. No.
  • Sheep: Flock No., Tag No. (optional), Transport Vehicle Reg. No. (optional)
  • Horses - Showjumping: Name of Animal, Owner, Rider, SJI Membership (not required), Reg. No. of Premises, Sex: gelding, colt, filly, mare, stallion, Passport No., Transport Vehicle Reg. No. (not required)
  • Dogs / Cats / Birds / Pets - Name of animal, breed, name of owner
  • Poultry: Flock No.
  • Home Industries, Art Photography etc,: Name of Entrant, age, location

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