Busiest year yet for SuperShows in Ireland.

 Mon, 17th Jul, 2023

BIGGER and BETTER with SuperShow Show Management Software.

We’re just over halfway through the busiest season for shows in the northern hemisphere this year and we’re already making a pretty educated guess that this could be the busiest year yet for our SuperShow shows!

So far, reports show us ticket sales, exhibitors, trade, competitions are all up across the board and we can't help but smile to ourselves that the bottom line, cash flow, sponsorships and positive sentiment is improving greatly for all our clients too, thanks to the SuperShow platform.

Bigger and Better with SuperShow:

Thanks to the SuperShow system and in particular the ISA SuperShow Platform for Irish Shows Association Member Shows, show administrators, competitors, trade exhibitors, sponsors, and members are all reaping the rewards this year, namely:

For Show Administrators:

  • Better cash flow - through instant and trusted payment solutions.
  • Peace of mind - SuperShow is a safe and secure, proven cloud business solution.
  • Control of promotions-SuperShow allows users to use their own branding and URL for their website, update content and promotions and easily share them to all the major social media channels.
  • Training and support - Dedicated training through the SuperShow SuperUser system and account management system.
  • Improved and more efficient administrative processes - for e.g. catalogues can be published at the click of a button, and competition details can be altered live on the system. Also, there's no need for writing prize money cheques. Once results have been entered onto the system you can just generate a Bank file for uploading to your online banking. 
  • In fact, one SuperShow user has reported that admin time was reduced by 25% in their first year of using SuperShow.

For Competitors and Exhibitors:

  • One single sign-in process for competitors and trade stand holders to sign in when registering for shows through the ISA SuperShow Platform.
  • Live Results!
  • Ability to instantly upload paperwork such as insurance documents
  • Ability for exhibitors can view their account, booked spaces, upload insurance details and pay fees online.

For Members:

  • Quick sharp and easy application process for membership
  • Membership discount options

Don't just take our word for it. See what the Shows themselves have to say about using SuperShow at www.supershowmanagementsystem.com/testimonials