SuperShow is the proud Corporate Member of Agricultural Shows Australia!

   Wed, 2nd Mar, 2022

The growth and development of agricultural shows in Australia (and across the world) is at the very heart of what we do.

It is why we built SuperShow; an event management platform specifically designed for the specific needs of agricultural shows, across Australia. And it is why we continuously reinvest in this ensure top performance for our clients websites always, with the unique abilities to use own branding and manage all functions on one CMS system. One such feature we developed recently and rapidly is that of our Virtual Show Edition developed in 2020, to allow shows to continue to run throughout the pandemic lockdowns.

And now, as so many live shows return to our communities we are more passionate than ever about our agricultural show industry!   As such we are delighted to announce we are the proud Corporate Member of Agricultural Shows Australia.
As corporate member we support the ASA's values, purpose and work such as ensuring key information is circulated accordingly and the work of agricultural shows is promoted to the wider community.

If you are a member of the ASA, check out the most recent Ring Newsletter, where you'll find  a video of our features in action. Also, keep an eye on future editions for our latest updates and information.

You can also find our updates and overview video on our own dedicated page on the Agricultural Shows Australia website @